Introduction to Pirate King

  • Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021

Pirate king is a thrilling game that involves pirates in the sea. They atack and conque many islands as they look for gold and other valuables. If you are new, visit to learn more about the game.

Introduction to Bonuses

Pirate King is a game that is known to award players with hefty bonuses as you play. Such bonuses are in form of free spins. As you speen the wheel every day, you are likely to unlock bonuses.

In this article, we are going to focus on different ways in which players unlock free spins as they pray Pirate King game. Such free spins gives players ability to build more islands as they play.

Welcome Bonus Spins

As the name suggest, welcome bonus spins are awarded to every player who registers an account with the Pirate King. When the player is new, there are a great chances of loosing first game. Free spin reduces losing chances.

Pirate King also uses welcome free spins as a way of atracting new customers. Before you wager your real money, you can unlock free spins on the free mode. They will help you to develop game skills.

Random Free Spins

Pirate King is one of the most popular slot games where players can get free spins. They have a random way of allocating the spins. In order to get more free spins, you need keep winning.

In this case, you need to keep conquring different islands and collecting more treasures. Every time you win a challenge, the game showers you with various free spins to help you keep enjoying the game while maximizing winning potential.

Unlocking Next Level

The main purpose of playing Pirate Kings is to keep unlocking different levels. For you to go to the next level, you are required to accumulate a certain amount of coins. Each stage has its coin requirements.

Assuming that you have successfully unlocked a new stage, the game treats you as a new player. You will get hefty bonuses in form of free spins. It is your duty to use them carefuly to maximise chances of winning.

The Bottom Line

Pirate King is one of the best games where players can win more free spins. As you enjoy spining the wheel, you have a chance to accumulate as many free coins and spins as you can.

Every day, Pirate King has new free spins. They help the players to buld more islands and conqure other pitates. As you get more coins, you are likely to upgrade to new levels of the game.