Businessman hand press telephone button sign virtual.

In this age of experimentation and technology, many business places have started experimenting with using mobile phones as a moving force at their business places. Now there is a good news for all such business owners since they do not need large amount of money to use on carriers of cell phone calling but rather can use IP PBX hosting along with their cell phone network and can make number of calls on affordable rates without thinking about the distance of the call because with this technology even long distance calls are as convenient on bills as short distanced or local calls. The device used for the purpose is called GSM gateway.

The key factor that changes the whole game in this scenario is making your workers able to call you back on your PBX for free. For the purpose you can use PTSN network afterwards to transfer their calls and can acquire VoIP services at inexpensive rates for the purpose. This service however is also available if you do not use IP PBX and instead use multi-stage calling or simple by using a prepaid card for the purpose. Most VoIP providers provide cheap VoIP services like offering low rates for all foreign countries in comparison to mobile phone carriers, thus adding up to your savings.

The most convenient thing about this is that you can avail cheap VoIP services and make use of them through using friends and family along with the work plan and can direct the call to any destination by adding up the number and later making use of multi-stage calling technique. However, to avoid using such plans which make use of friends and family options and to keep the plan strictly to work and to make best use of cheap VoIP services for your workplace to add up savings while increasing the revenue you can acquire GSM gateway, which will work like any other PBX gateway.


You can divert you calls to any mobile phone rather than using the PBX station for the purpose, by disabling dialer tone option for security reasons. This too is achieved through the use of multi stage calling or prepaid cards. The process may include another step which is the provision of PIN or access code before you can use it, once you put in the right code you can now freely use the service.

However, there are VoIP service plans that in addition to these services provide many extra services and features, like call recording or call conferencing, providing more options for you to flourish your business. So you can make use of cheap VoIP services in the best possible way. Make sure that before setting up PBX station or VoIP connection you carry enough research to settle for the best VoIP provider in the market that helps you grow forward so you can avoid any loss in the future.